Nutrition Tips for beginner runners

In actively training runners, the body's need for nutrients increases significantly. A special sports pit for running will help to balance the diet. Useful products include isotonics, amino acids, vitamins and energy supplements. Isotonics that regulate the water-salt balance are better to drink during training. The drink prevents muscle spasms and maintains high performance. Amino acids increase endurance during a long run, and energy drinks fight fatigue perfectly. Actively exercising, remember that proper nutrition is the key not only to high sports results, but also to well—being.

Energy drinks for athletes

Energy gels are based on a "cocktail" of fast and slow carbohydrates. Sometimes they are supplemented with electrolytes, which allows the gels to also perform the function of isotonics. Supplements stimulate lipid metabolism, helping the body to get energy from fat.
Energy gels are required for long-distance runners and are taken during a race with severe fatigue. Novice athletes, whose body has not yet accumulated enough glycogen, use gels after about the 40th minute of the race. Experienced athletes increase glycogen resources during training, so they can run for about 2 hours without burning fat.
As a rule, runners do not use energy gels during training. This allows their body to increase its own glycogen reserves. In addition, energy gels should not be used too often, because addiction occurs and the effect of the reception is lost. For runners, taking amino acids helps protect muscles from destruction, relieves fatigue, and helps to carry loads much easier.
Protein supplements are included in the sprinters' diet in large quantities, as protein helps build muscles on the legs and increases endurance. Additional protein is also needed if a runner needs to adjust body weight or build muscle mass. If you are weight loss runner, remember to restore protein reserves, so consume protein immediately after training. To strengthen the muscles, a protein supplement should be taken immediately before jogging.