Protein mixes as a healthy diet

A lot of time has passed since powdered protein was introduced as the basis for muscle growth. And it's time to position protein shakes in a different way. For example, as a high-quality alternative to broiler meat or incomprehensible fish sold in supermarkets. Okay, with an alternative, I went too far, perhaps, but as an addition to the usual sources of protein, protein mixtures will do fine. Moreover, the additions are of the highest quality and devoid of unwanted investments.
Although in some cases, protein shakes may even serve as a substitute for regular food. For example, an organism weakened by a disease needs a lot of building material – for atrophied muscles, for the immune system, and for much more. At the same time, it is best for such an organism to take liquid food. Protein shakes will be a wonderful addition to traditional porridge and broths. By the way, it is quite possible to mix powdered protein in a blender, for example, with oatmeal – it turns out just a wonderful dish.

How is it convenient and useful for an athlete to eat

Protein shakes are convenient when you have to move a lot, and there is practically no time left for food. They are easy to carry, and they will provide a wonderful snack. Add a little fiber to the protein powder – and you will get a drink that will also satisfy your appetite very well.
Not all adults tolerate milk normally. But whey protein powder mixed in water has no problems with assimilation – especially isolate. Vegetarians and vegans usually drink soy, almond, rice, coconut milk. But a protein shake made from a powder made from plant sources is much better – including in terms of amino acid composition.
The USA is an advanced country in the field of sports nutrition, not a lot of it is sold there, but very, very much. And it is not sold in specialized stores, which not everyone will wander into – protein mixes and other sports supplements can be found on the shelves of supermarkets and even small shops selling ordinary products.